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Our network offers consultants, entrepreneurs, both technical and sales engineers, designers, and artists with experience in Bitcoin integration, blockchain implementation, peer-to-peer networking, mining operations and open-source collaboration.

Below are some of our recent work.

2018 - equibit.org - A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Equity System

Designed, implemented, and launched Testnet for Equibit crypto-securities protocol. The protocol is a fork of Bitcoin augmented with various enhancements and new transaction types to support the issuance of securities. Completely peer-to-peer with multi-sig web-of-trust for 3rd party AML/KYC compliance.

2017 - ripe.io - The Blockchain of Food

Forbes Top-25 Most Innovative AgTech startup of 2017. One of the earliest patent (2017) in the IOT + blockchain space (US20180285810). See how Maersk is using the Blockchain of Food in 2019.

This radical breakthrough for agriculture and food supply uses blockchain technology to follow the history of food from a seed's genetic composition to the flavor of a tomato in our plate. Blockchain solves supply-chain coordination and information exchange problems that couldn't be solved before.

2016, 2017 - All Things Open, Raleigh NC

2017: Presentation of a sample design for a hospitality blockchain creating autonomous entities representing sleeping rooms available on a network. 2016: Discuss the importance of open source software (OSS) and encryption technology.

2016 - MIT Center for Real Estate: Real Disruption Series

MIT "Real Disruption" series. Christian Saucier presents the value of decentralized ledgers for public registries. After the presentation, an impromptu lunch in organized at the MIT Media Lab where Christian explains the technologies behind blockchain systems to a hungry audience of MIT students.

2016 - Kannapedia.net by Medicinal Genomics

Designed the original integration of Kannapedia.net with Bitcoin blockchain for genetic record certification. They have since re-integrated with DASH and are regular participants in the DASH DAO. Fantastic real application of blockchain technology for the growing cannabis industry.

2016 - Real Estate Industry Applications

Designed and prototyped decentralized real-estate registration system using the Bitcoin blockchain. This application has since been grown by the client and operates various pilots around the world.

2015 - Archetech Distributed

Archetech Distributed designs decentralized collaboration systems. The Nomicon collaboration protocol and Vikiwiki engine are projects that remain alive today in various forms. A recent example is the Cryptonomicon collaboration wiki being used as a platform to launch the Equibit Testnet in 2019. The inspiration for these systems came in part from the 2012 Better Software article titled The Software Development Game.

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