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What we do:

P2P Strategy

Peer-to-peer technology is already changing your business. Become the disruption.

Smart-Data Tokenization

Incentives matter! Data is money. Is the information in your databases working for you?

ICOs & Digital Transformation

Discover new sources of revenues and transform how you engage with your partners and customers.

How we do it:

Whitepapers & Market Analysis

We assist entrepreneurs with ICO planning, crypto-currency market opinions, and tech assessment.

Consulting Services

We work with your team, either remotely or on-site to imagine and implement P2P solutions.

Education & Advocacy

It’s easier than you think! We can train your team to become autonomous.

P2P impacts all businesses

  • Food, Agriculture & Health

  • IOT & Supply Chain Management

  • Financial Services

  • Travel & Hospitality

  • Authenticity Certification

Over the last 8 years, we advised clients from a wide array of interests and industries.

Blockchain and other peer-to-peer technologies can be used to design new types of systems that can help reduce transaction costs, incentivize participation, automate collaboration, or assess the reputation of other network participants. Blockchain technology is just a tool, but it is an important one, in the arsenal of technologies necessary to run a successful project, business, or other operation in the 21st century.

We successfully applied blockchain technology to a wide variety of problems, from record-keeping and DNA finger-printing, to IOT, and supply-chain automation. If you help us understand your business or project, we can help you understand how best to use peer-to-peer solutions to maximize your project’s success and impact. Blockchain can do wonders with virtual assets, but they can help with physical processes too!

Our systems are featured in:

Our Clients Include:

The Equibit Group is building a decentralized securities network called Equibit. ICO UNDERWAY! www.equibitgroup.com

ripe.io is building the Blockchain of Food to bring transparency and trust to the food supply chain. www.ripe.io

The first blockchain platform for real estate recordkeeping, making title search more secure. www.ubitquity.io

Kannapedia, powered by Medicinal Genomics is the online source for cannabis knowledge. www.kannapedia.net